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PROTEIN & GREENS- Ayurvedic Protein

PROTEIN & GREENS- Ayurvedic Protein

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Nutritional breakdown

SCCOP Size- 33g

ENERGY(Kcal)- 116.9

PROTEIN(g)- 25


FAT(g)- 0.5

Saturated fatty acid(g)- 0

Trans fat(g)- 0

SUGAR(g)- 0


*Nutritional Information values are approximate


High quality Pea protein, approved flavours, ashwagandha extract, tulsi extract, brahmi extract, cinnamon extract.

How to consume

Add 1 scoop of PROTEIN AND GREENS in 250ml of water/your favourite beverage and shake for 15-20 seconds vigorously until uniform mixing.

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What makes it good?


Green herbs like Ashwagandha (helps gaining lean muscle mass & immunity), Tulsi (Reduces Stress & Blood Pressure & have Anti-cancer properties), brahmni (calm the brain) and cinnamon to increase your all over immunity.


High quality peas used to serve you 25 grams protein which improves gut health by not causing blotting like other proteins.

Increase performance

Combination of herbs and pea protein helps you gain lean muscles which increases your performance in day to day activities.


This improves your digestion and gut health.

Meal replacement

You can make your own meal with this by adding some healthy ingredients(you will find in free diet plan).

Taste you love!

You won't find this amazing taste anywhere else.

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Have questions?We’ve got the answers!

What is Muscletic PROTEIN & GREENS made from?

High quality isolated Pea protein, approved flavours, ashwagandha extract, tulsi extract, brahmi extract, cinnamon extract.

What is the recommended dosage per day?

2 servings for best result.

Is it good for women too?

Yes it brings same result for men and women.

Does it help lose weight?

A proper diet with calories dificit and carb maintenance can led to lose some fat. You will recieve a paper book diet plan with this Proetin & Greens.

Are there any side effects?

There is no side effects as we used orgainc ingredients and its lab tested.

who cannot take it?

Pregnant or lactating women, people with known medical conditions or taking medications or children under 18 should consult doctors before consuming this supplement .

Is it FSSAi approved?

A centralised liscence. Lic. no. 100210011000364

what this protein won't do?

  • No faster result

    If you are wondering faster result like steroid we are sorry! A good workout & diet along with this protein will help you to get desired physique.

  • Result varry.

    As everyone have different metabolism, result will be not same for everyone.

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Still confused? call expert!

If you have any doubts related to the product or diet plan just feel free to call our nutritionist they will help you. (TIMINGS 12PM-7PM, MON-SAT)

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what if your 'Roti' gives you 10 grams of protein instead of 2 grams. HAVE A LOOK

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
wonderful results

I used it for 2 times a day i need big box but you only have 500g box

after taste is much better

i am vegan since 2 year and consumed many supplements and they have bad after taste but you controlled it very well!

Reasonable price

Reasonable price for a plant protein

pankaj jaat
bhadya result aye iss protein s

2.5kg wala pack layo ab

Ravleen malhotra
Great taste when compared to other vegan brands

Only thing you can do is just try to deliver fast i received it 1 week